A Glimpse Into the Past

For the past 2 weeks my Fashion Design students have been researching and creating presentations on a particular fashion decade.  This is one of my favorite projects to facilitate and to grade.  The girls have so much fun looking through websites to find examples of Fashion Icons, Make Up and Hair trends, and are even inspired to dress in reflection of their time period.  I always have to break up the fights over who gets the 60’s and pull teeth to get anyone to research the 90’s!  Come on, the 90’s were a terrible decade for fashion……… which makes it all the more fun to look at!

This year I have the special treat of bringing in an actual vintage dress from 1950 to show them.  My grandmother has been divvying out her prized possessions to any grandchild who will take them off of her hands, and of course is always taking requests.  My latest plea was to own her stunning pink floral chiffon dress.  Even as a little girl I saw the absolute beauty of this simple little dress my grandfather bought her when they were first married.  Always a tom-boy, my grandmother claims to have only worn it once (maybe!).   I certainly got more use out of it than she did, since I insisted on playing dress up in it every time I spent the evening at her house. 

I’m inspired to keep a few of my favorite garments as keepsakes, no matter how out of style they become.  Who knows, maybe one day my grandchildren will argue over the right to inherit my “Softball Babes” uniform t-shirts.  But, probably not.


September 21, 2011. Fashion, I love my job!.

One Comment

  1. Stephanie Tscherny replied:

    I do remember that dress! Too bad she didn’t wear it, that would’ve looked great on her.

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