It’s all Midtown

I taught one of my favorite lessons this week, maybe because I don’t really get to teach at all, but see how well my students actually listen to me!  I took my Housing & Interior Design class on a walking field trip through our Midtown Neighborhood on a beautiful Fall day.  This unit we have been discussing American Housing Styles, from Colonial to present day architecture.  Teaching this stuff can get really stuck in your brain, and I warned them this might happen.  They’ve been complaining about not being able to drive around town anymore without thinking, “What a great example of a Greek Revival”.  Oh, how that makes me smile when I hear that!

Central High School Est.1893

We have the great privilege of having our school in the midst of Ozarks architectural history, our actual building being at the core.  To apply their knowledge and review for the test, we oohed and awed at the neighborhood homes, in which some are over a 100 years old.  I loved hearing them scream, “Mrs Dameron, did you see the sweet turret on that house?” and “Look at the pediment and pilasters on that one!” Too fun!

Queen Anne Style- Benton St.


September 28, 2011. Interior Design.

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  1. Stephanie Tscherny replied:

    You are a wonderful teacher! Your students are so lucky to have you. I like your background, reminds me of the apron I made you.

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