What’s Your Color Season?

My Fashion students have loved learning about color the past two weeks!  This week, we discussed how they can choose the best garments according to their personal coloring and body shapes.  I taught them how to determine their “Season” which dictates what colors look best on them.  So much fun! 

My favorite part of the lesson is bringing volunteers to the front of the room and putting color swatches under their faces.  The class then tells them which colors look best on them, and this is how I prove that they indeed are a particular season.  During one such evaluation, I placed a bright raspberry colored swatch under a beautiful hispanic girl’s face.  Her dark hair, eyes and beige skin were wonderfully accented by the color.  To that, another student replied, “Everybody would look good in that color!”.  I simply smiled at the girl and raised the swatch up to my rosy skin, ash-blonde hair and blue eyes.  To this she replied, “Ugh….. nevermind! You cannot wear that color Mrs. Dameron!”   Hooray for application of knowledge!

If you’re interested in your determining your Season, I have attached the PowerPoint used in class this week!  Enjoy!

Choosing Your Best Colors


October 7, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Stephanie Tscherny replied:

    I’m sure the girls loved this lesson. Good Powerpoint.

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