The Wonderful World of Laundry!

      Today was a lesson that could possibly be deemed, “Home Ec-y”.  My Fashion Design classes are smack in the middle of their Textiles unit, and today we learned about clothing care.  I didn’t go too old school and discuss how to do laundry, (however I will be doing that after Spring Break with my “Life After High School” class) but we are discussing……… CLOTHING CARE LABELS!  You know, those weird pictures on your clothing tag underneath the care instructions.  Supposedly, the coming years will see a complete change in our care tags and we will be switching from words to symbols.  At least we better be, because that’s what I told them was the point of the lesson!  The purpose?  Clothing can be sent all over the world with ONE tag representing care in symbols that can be read in any language!

                In case you didn’t know this, here is a little lesson on how to read these puppies!

1. Know the COMMON symbols that are the base for every instruction:

2. Understand the different CARE symbols that can be placed with these in order to read the SPECIFIC instruction:

If there is a BAR _______ under the symbol: Permanent Press

2 Bars? = Gentle Cycle (I had a good graphic for this, but it wouldn’t upload!)

How can you remember what these dots and lines mean?  I tell my students to think of volume, the higher the volume (heat), the more dots.  The more bars under the symbol are like more mattresses, so it is softer (gentle).  My brain just works that way and they seem to think it’s funny!


 Finally, here are the random symbols that always make the students laugh, and for some reason yell at me since they don’t see the relation between the symbol and the meaning!

Can you guess the last one?    HANG TO DRY! 

Happy Launder-ing? (or something like that)!


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Mmmmm…. Peach Cake!

Most families have some sort of a tradition when it comes to birthdays.  Mine does the usual, “Pick Where We Eat” ritual, but my sister and I have added a “Choose Any Dessert” element to the mix in the past couple of years.  When asked what I wanted this year, without taking a breath I responded, “PEACH CAKE!”.  This recipe was given to my sister about 10 years ago, and every time she makes it I go into a state of bliss!  This means A LOT coming from a girl who usually prefers chocolate to anything else! 

Before I post the recipe, I need to state that this is not really a cake.  Custard? Layered Dessert? And honestly, reading the recipe for the first time, it doesn’t even sound that appetizing!  I don’t really know what it is about this cake, but it’s AMAZING and is the perfect way to kick off Spring!!!

Peach Cake

3/4 c. cold butter

1 pkg yellow cake mix

2 egg yolks

2 c. sour cream (can be low or no fat)

1 29 oz can sliced peaches drained ( or 3 ¾ cup frozen or fresh)

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1 8 oz Cool Whip


Cut butter into dry cake mix to form coarse crumbs.

Pat into greased 13 x 9 pan.

Beat egg yolks.

Add sour cream, mix well.  

Cut peaches into 1 inch pieces, save 6-8 slices for garnish.

Mix peaches into sour cream mixture.

Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes until brown on bottom, will be soft center.

Cool completely.  Spread whip topping and garnish with peach slices.

Store in refrigerator. 

Recipe from Stephanie Tscherny, my beloved sister

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