12 Weeks to Complete 12 Pins!

I have recently joined the wonderful world of Pinterest, an activity I shied away from all school year.  I know myself pretty well these days, and I knew that I would become obsessed with looking at all the wonderful things other people are able to accomplish and become downtrodden that my house, wardrobe, kitchen and children weren’t like the pictures I would pin.  In order to keep myself accountable against this inevitable course of events, I set some ground rules for myself:

1. Only pin items that are “do-able”:  I will not pin anything just because its pretty, especially if it’s of a hairstyle my wild curls could never be molded into or of a room that could never be found in my home!  This website is filled with links to ridiculous looking homes that I am convinced aren’t lived in by actual people.

2. Only pin what I WILL actually do:  If I know I’ll never have the money, the guts or the time to try it…. I will continue to scroll!!!

Rule #2 is my goal for this summer: 12 weeks to complete 12 pins!  I will choose a minimum of 12 projects, recipes and activities to complete over the course of the summer to further keep myself accountable and not get bogged down in a scrapbook of ideas I could never bring to fruition!  I’m excited to update my living room decor, repurpose old junk, try new recipes and make fun things for my girls!


May 23, 2012. Family Life.

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