Pin#4: A Very Pinteresting Father’s Day

Rich and I don’t make a big deal out of extravagent gift giving on holidays.  We usually exchange our favorite decadent candies and a few novelties we might not buy for ourselves.  My husband is EXTREMELY hard to buy for because he is ridiculousy picky and buys anything he wants for himself out of his ever growing “investmest fund” (his Christmas and birthday money that he uses to buy tickets and resell them or ebay the ballpark giveways).  This being said, it is hard to impress him with gifts….until I found PINTEREST!

I have pinning ideas for him since I started Pinterest and I used 4 different ideas as inspiration for his Father’s Day gifts; plus 1 bag of No Show socks because well….. he needed them.

1. Circus Truffles Rich recently discovered frosted animal cookies (a favorite childhood treat of my own) and when I saw these I knew I had to try them.  This recipe calls for crushed frosted cookies- but I thought that would be far too rich.  So I changed the recipe to 3 cups crushed plain animal crackers, 12 oz cream cheese frosting and white melting chocolate.  They are yummy and taste very similar to their namesake.

2. “I love you this much” card.  I forgot to take a picture of it.. but I used this idea to make a card using on of Clara’s and one of Ruby’s hands. 

Pinned Image

3 & 4 “Candy Poem”  I’ve gotten a few candy poems in my day as a teacher.  You know, “You’re worth a 100 Grand” or “You’re a Smartie Pants”.  But, when I saw this idea for using different kinds of pop to show appreciation I knew I wanted to write a special one for Rich.  I wrote it on a large piece of posterboard like I had seen pinned many times and Rich loved it!  I started by going to the candy aisle and only contemplating candies that are his favorites…with the exception of “Sugar Babies”.  That was just to darn cute to pass up.  Trying to incorporate “Mike & Ike” was pushing it, but I think that’s the line that got him a little emotional.  Best reaction from a gift I have EVER gotten from him!  Here is the final result (the bottle of pop is Diet Mtn Dew…. get it…. “DEW for us” !?!) Please excuse my terrible handwriting on this project!


June 17, 2012. Family Life, Recipes.

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  1. The Domestic Rebel replied:

    Yay, I’m so glad you liked the truffles! You’re right–they’re VERY sweet, so good idea cutting that down by using unfrosted crackers. And I love that candy card! Thanks for linking back 🙂 have a sweet day!

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