Pin #7: Ruby’s Slippers

If you weren’t (insert occupation here) what would you be doing?  Me? I would be enjoying a brilliant career as a children’s shoe designer.    After a few years of being a consumer of baby and toddler shoes, I have many times been on the verge of a very loud “UGGHH” sound in the baby shoe section.  Why? Because they aren’t made for baby feet or baby clothes….ever.  People who buy shoes for babies who don’t belong to them think the itsy bitsy shoes are adorable and buy them for the cute factor, and as a recipient you often find that the hot pink glitter sling backs with purple sequence butterflies don’t match anything that has ever been created. Cute?  yes.  Ridiculous? yes.  How about the progression of toddler shoes that they wear when they can actually walk?  I recently bought Clara 2 pairs of somewhat “matchable” flip-flops only to have her flip-out when I put them on her feet.  I realized that the sole of the shoe was thicker and harder than my own shoes, and the plastic “thong” part was exactly the same size as mine!  How are little feet supposed to walk in these?

While I can’t quite gather up supplies or skills to make Clara some reasonable shoes, I can make Ruby some sensible white  slip-ons that she can wear to church.  White.  No lady bugs, no polka dots.  Little elegant white shoes that will match any baby dress.  Although the elves are supposed to make the shoes while the Cobbler sleeps; this Cobbler made the shoes while the elves slept 🙂

Lots of flaws, I know.  I made a poor fabric choice because I had some left over from a Wilma Flintstone costume.  I swear those toes are perfectly clipped and rounded off- but her little toes just curl up inside them and make the fabric pucker.  Oh well.  I’m pretty happy with how they turned out and only have 2 suggestions from the TUTORIAL:

1.  Topstitch the top of the shoe:  I made a first pair and noticed that there was a lot of puckering and not enough shape.  After the second try the topstitching really helped the shoes take form.

2.  Make sure you cut a Left and Right:  Sounds dumb but it’s not in the instructions (which it really shouldn’t be).  But I had to stop myself when cutting out the sole and remember to flip one of them over before I cut and LABEL it. 

3.  Add elastic:  After finding that one slipper was slightly bigger than the other and that 2 month old babies love to kick their feet- I added some elastic to the inside back of the heal to grip her sweet little foot a little bit better!


July 10, 2012. Fashion, Uncategorized.

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