Pin #8: Too Short Dress to Just Right Skirt

I’m tall.  Not like Amazon tall, but taller than the average woman and enough to tower over most of my friends.  Combine this with most designers creating “knee-length” dresses and I get hemlines that aren’t appropriate for work.  Leggings are my friend, although I don’t think they are as trendy as they were a few years ago.  Whatever, I’m wearing them to keep from flashing my students when I lean over to answer to a question.

I bought one of these “just short enough” dresses a few years ago, trying to ignore the fact that is was just slightly shorter than any pair of shorts I would I would ever dare to wear.  The fabric was so darn cute, I even ignored the fact that it was a high-waisted, über pleated, lined dress that would make a broom look pregnant.   Needless to say I have never worn this dress.  But when I saw a pin come across the market for turning a dress into a skirt- I knew what I had to do!

I didn’t really follow the directions because no two dresses are exactly the same.  But, it gave me some inspiration to get started.  Here’s what I did:

1. I put on the dress like it was a skirt to see if it would fit appropriately.  Ironically, the zipper was stuck where the bodice meets the skirt.  What an awesome purchase I made. Anyway, that looked like a great place to make a new waistline and it was the perfect length.

2. I measured an inch from seam where the skirt met the bodice (great new waistline) and cut the top off- straight through the zipper.  Yes, you can cut through a zipper.  I have to talk my students through this process; I guess they think it will explode if they cut it off!

3. This dress had a lining, so I ended up cutting through two layers of fabric.  I folded them TOWARD each other at 1/2″ so they would be right sides together and form a nice new seam with no raw edges.  At the opening, I folded down the remaining zipper toward the inside (between the facing and lining).  You can’t just cut off the top of the zipper and call it good- you have to fold it over so it can stop.  Other wise that puppy will zip right off!

4. I sewed at 1/4″ and it was done!

Hooray for “new” clothes!


July 17, 2012. Fashion.

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