DIY: Christmas Stockings

Multi-colored underwear rolled up and tied with a bow, decadent candies, lottery tickets that are sure to win hit the jackpot and socks (of course).  Oh what treasures I choose to fill up my husband’s stocking.  With the addition of Clara in 2010, I was PUMPED to make her a stocking I could fill with wonderful treats and gifts. 

For a few years, I had my Fashion Design students design custom stockings and create advertisements for their Merchandising unit.  Over time, I switched to different projects- but I still use this same stocking pattern from McCall’s to make stockings for my own girls.  The pattern calls for a heel and toe patch, but I threw those out and replaced them with appliqued designs (click the link on how to applique by hand from a previous lesson!).  Make sure to applique the designs you want BEFORE you sew the stocking together.

Although my husband kept humming the theme from “Charlie Brown” while I stitched on the chevron pieces for Ruby’s stocking this year, I am happy that I chose the super trendy design.  In a few Christmas’s when Ruby asks me why I chose to put random zig-zags on her stocking, I can retell the story of 2012- The Year of the Chevron.  The magical tale of how anything that could stand still had the diagonal lines painted, traced or sewn onto it!  

I also added an extra touch by embroidering their names on the cuff.  I am no master embroider by any means, but it was fun to carry on the embroidery tradition from my Grandma Betty. 

I am so proud of my new stockings- maybe I can replace Mommy and Daddy’s stockings in the coming years.  I am getting a little tired of a Cincinnati Bengal on my beautiful mantel.


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My Obsession with Halloween

A devil complete with a goatee and a pitchfork, a Minnie Mouse with individually cut out polka dots since I’m sure the perfect fabric could not be found but had to be created, and my personal favorite………. a California Raisin.  Is this the beginning of a really bad joke?  No, it’s the vast repertoire of AMAZING Halloween costumes my mother made for me as a child.  If I could dream it up, she could create it.  And honestly, I don’t ever remember asking to be a certain character because her ideas were always amazing.  This began my obsession with Halloween, or costumes at least.

Clara’s first Halloween bore the challenge of a slightly mobile 7 month old baby.  I took this opportunity to create a Mermaid ensemble since she didn’t need the ability to move her legs.  All the kicking and struggling to get out just made the fins look more life-like 🙂

Her second Halloween was an omage to her favorite Sesame Street Character, Abby Cadaby.  Honestly, I just wanted to make her those sweet poofy pigtails and give her purple freckles.

Finally, this year was my first challenge of coordinating costumes with the addition of sweet baby Ruby.  I wanted to put her in a “sack” just like Clara was her first year…. so what better than a caterpillar!?  A Butterfly was the perfect companion.  And with lots of green and yellow Minky leftover from the Nap Mat, this pair of bugs only cost me about $10. 

The tutu was an afterthought when I realized how much Clara loved to dance around in one she had received from her Oma Janet.  My opinion of random tutu’s on costumes was similar to one of my favorite “Mean Girls” line.  You know, girls use Halloween as an excuse to wear lingerie and just pair it with animal ears.  I think mothers of little girls want an excuse for them to wear tutus, so we make them match any random costume.  Whatever….she looked super cute!

Ruby with the lady who started it all…Nana!  Hope I made her proud!

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