DIY: Christmas Stockings

Multi-colored underwear rolled up and tied with a bow, decadent candies, lottery tickets that are sure to win hit the jackpot and socks (of course).  Oh what treasures I choose to fill up my husband’s stocking.  With the addition of Clara in 2010, I was PUMPED to make her a stocking I could fill with wonderful treats and gifts. 

For a few years, I had my Fashion Design students design custom stockings and create advertisements for their Merchandising unit.  Over time, I switched to different projects- but I still use this same stocking pattern from McCall’s to make stockings for my own girls.  The pattern calls for a heel and toe patch, but I threw those out and replaced them with appliqued designs (click the link on how to applique by hand from a previous lesson!).  Make sure to applique the designs you want BEFORE you sew the stocking together.

Although my husband kept humming the theme from “Charlie Brown” while I stitched on the chevron pieces for Ruby’s stocking this year, I am happy that I chose the super trendy design.  In a few Christmas’s when Ruby asks me why I chose to put random zig-zags on her stocking, I can retell the story of 2012- The Year of the Chevron.  The magical tale of how anything that could stand still had the diagonal lines painted, traced or sewn onto it!  

I also added an extra touch by embroidering their names on the cuff.  I am no master embroider by any means, but it was fun to carry on the embroidery tradition from my Grandma Betty. 

I am so proud of my new stockings- maybe I can replace Mommy and Daddy’s stockings in the coming years.  I am getting a little tired of a Cincinnati Bengal on my beautiful mantel.


November 28, 2012. Tags: , , , . Family Life, Fashion.

One Comment

  1. Stephanie replied:

    They look beautiful, good job. Good luck getting rid of that tiger!

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