Pin #9: Welcome to Mrs. Dameron’s Room!

I haven’t created any new Pinspirations in a week or two because I’ve been busy (*cough*…..lazy).  Actually, I have been spending many an afternoon looking up new ideas and buying fabric.  I found a Fabric Outlet with $1.99 knit and I’ve been gathering ideas of what I can make so I can buy all the knit I need in one shopping trip.  Many a day dreaming session has been spent thinking about the projects I’m excited to start….a Nap Mat for Clara (I’ll post in a few days),  too many dresses and tops to count, Halloween costumes (so excited to make 2 coordinating costumes this year!) and of course…..CHRISTMAS DRESSES!  I know with school starting back I won’t have as much time to get crafty- because I’ll be teaching the future of America how to indeed be crafty themselves!  There’s that dreaded word……school.

Since school is starting back whether I like it or not, I have had many thoughts on how to dress up my room.  It is shockingly my 6th year of teaching and I have barely changed a decoration since I first moved in.  I have been eyeing some black and white chevron fabric for new curtains, and searching for cheap wall decor ideas.  I like my students to feel comfortable in my room,  but also inspired by pretty things.  One way I thought I could welcome my new students and let them know that the space they are about to enter can be a home away from home was with a wreath.  I have a zero dollar budget for room decorating, so I scrounged through what I had in my craft closet.  I amazingly found a letter “D” on clearance for $.64, revamped a grapevine wreath I have never used and was inspired by these sweet felt flowers.  Welcome to Mrs. Dameron’s room…….. when you enter this room you are safe, you are noticed, and you are loved.


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Pin #3 The “initial” project

Some pins come across the page and even after you save it your “wish list” you can’t get it out of your head: you’ve got to try it, make it or eat it ASAP!  This was one of those pins for me!  I was crazy disappointed when Hobby Lobby didn’t carry an oval frame in the size I needed, but I honestly didn’t want to spend more than $20 on this project in the first place.  So, I used a garage sale find from last weekend and my sweet skills as a former furniture painter/distresser (another random job I had in college) to make this project come in at less than $4.  It was an ironic journey to take an old picture frame that was scratched and faded, paint it like new, and then sand it down and wax it to look old again!  I still wish I had found a cheap oval frame, but I think my final outcome really spruces up my mantle.  I finally got to get rid of the random items I had above the fireplace – things I had put up there 5 years ago just to fill in space and have been driving me crazy ever since!  This week I am so thankful for pinterest because it has inspired me to make something that refreshes the style of one area of my home without forcing me to get out of my “too cheap to ever buy anything new” box!



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Pin #1: Envelope Pillow Covers

I have had the same cheap, ugly Big Lots couches since I first moved out on my own 7 years ago.  The Hubs and I are currently too cheap to buy new ones, and frankly they are constantly having milk, food and juice spilled on them.  So, why buy new ones?  However, they seriously need an update because my living room is looking a ‘lil drab!  I found this great tutorial on how to easily re-cover pillows- and voila!!!  This awesome fabric also ties in more BLUE into my living room…… which is exactly what I need in order to complete some of my next few pins!!!



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It’s all Midtown

I taught one of my favorite lessons this week, maybe because I don’t really get to teach at all, but see how well my students actually listen to me!  I took my Housing & Interior Design class on a walking field trip through our Midtown Neighborhood on a beautiful Fall day.  This unit we have been discussing American Housing Styles, from Colonial to present day architecture.  Teaching this stuff can get really stuck in your brain, and I warned them this might happen.  They’ve been complaining about not being able to drive around town anymore without thinking, “What a great example of a Greek Revival”.  Oh, how that makes me smile when I hear that!

Central High School Est.1893

We have the great privilege of having our school in the midst of Ozarks architectural history, our actual building being at the core.  To apply their knowledge and review for the test, we oohed and awed at the neighborhood homes, in which some are over a 100 years old.  I loved hearing them scream, “Mrs Dameron, did you see the sweet turret on that house?” and “Look at the pediment and pilasters on that one!” Too fun!

Queen Anne Style- Benton St.

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